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China On Heightened Alert After Paris Terrorist Attacks

China on Heightened Security Alert Following Terrorist Attacks in Paris

China has stepped up counter terrorism measures following the deadly ISIS attacks in Paris this past Friday night that left about 132 civilians dead and hundreds of other injured.

Intelligence  Officials Say There Could Be 20 People In Europe Who Plotted Paris Attacks

Intelligence Officials Say About 20 People in Europe May Have Plotted Paris Attacks

European authorities on Sunday mounted a massive international manhunt for one of three brothers suspected of being involved in terror attacks on Paris this past Friday. The move was announced after intelligence reports revealed that up to 20 suspects may have been behind the horrific murder of more than 100 Parisians.

War in Paris: French President Hollande Says No Mercy for Barbarians

War in Paris: French President Hollande Says No Mercy for 'Barbarians'

Describing the recent terrorist attacks across Paris, French President Francois Hollande said Saturday that it was an "act of war" by Islamic State (ISIS). He declared that France will be "merciless towards these barbarians from Daesh," referring to an Arab acronym for Islamic State, reports Reuters.

Paris Attacks Were Orchestrated By ISIS

Recent Attacks On Paris Were Orchestrated by ISIS

The recent attacks on Paris, which resulted to carnage and casualties, were an 'act of war' orchestrated by the Islamic State from outside the country aided with internal connections, according to French President Francois Hollande last Saturday, Haaretz reports.

Jihadi John Possibly Dead From Drone Strike

Jihadi John Possibly Dead Following United States Drone Strike

Jihadi John, the feared Islamic State executioner, may be possibly dead following a drone strike in Syria initiated by the United States forces on Thursday, according to BBC News.

Russia, ISIS

ISIS: 'Kremlin Will be Ours'

The terrorist group ISIS has released another video in Russian language containing a threat to attack Russia and other Western countries. In the video, the group swears to bring Kremlin down and "make blood spill like an ocean."

Russian Air Crash

Mechanical Impact, Not Pilot Error, Caused Russian Plane to Crash. Did ISIS Do It?

Did the Islamic State hit the Russian airplane with an antiaircraft weapon causing it to crash in Egypt, killing all 224 people onboard? That would be one angle that investigators will have to look into as Kogalymavia (Metrojet), the Russian airline that owned the passenger jet that crashed on its way to St. Petersburg, Russia, claimed human or technical error was not the case of the crash.

ISIS Destroys Arch of Palmyra

ISIS Destroys Another Syrian Heritage – Roman Built Arch of Triumph

Members of islamic militant group ISIS have destroyed another ancient Syrian monument, the Arch of Triumph, which was built by the Romans 2,000 years ago in the city of Palmyra. The destruction of the arch was confirmed by observers on Sunday.

A woman from Dubai is arrested in Hyderabad, India, for recruiting people for ISIS through online.

Online War Against ISIS

The Arizona State University creates a software algorithm that can thwart ISIS members' online recruitment.


Vladimir Putin Addresses Russia's Initiatives in Syria Crisis

Such heightened Russian military activity in Syria has brought news updates each day -- President Putin seizes initiative in Syria crisis.

United States Arms and Trains New Syrian Force Against ISIS, Assad Regime

United States Arms and Trains New Syrian Force Against ISIS, Assad Regime

The United States is training and arming a moderate Muslim force that would fight against both ISIS and Assad loyalists in Syria. However, critics are casting doubts on the new groups viability as some of them were captured after a few days in Syria.

Mushin al-Fadhli

US Airstrike Kills Islamic Militant Leader in Syria

American forces have killed Muhsin al-Fadhli, the leader of an al-Queda terrorist group known as Khorasan, during an airstrike in Syria on July 8.


Four Israeli Teachers Arrested for Praising ISIS in Classrooms

Four Israeli teachers were arrested on Monday for luring their students and co-workers to join the terrorist group ISIS.

U.S. Kills Top ISIS Commander, 12 Enemy Fighters, Woman Slave Freed In Syria Raid

During a rare raid in Syria on Friday, U.S. Special Operations Forces have killed a senior leader of ISIS, as well as freed a woman appeared to be a a slave in his household, said Secretary of Defense Ash Carter Saturday.

Bomb Explodes At Spanish Embassy In Libya

A bomb has exploded in front of the Spanish Embassy in Tripoli, Libya Monday night, in a latest attack against foreign entities in the country.

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