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Hello, Mars

GAO says NASA Not Ready to Fly to Mars with what it's Got

GAO doubts NASA can stick to its mission schedule.

To Mars!

Price Tag for First SpaceX Mission to Mars: $320 million

NASA, however, has finally publicly given its support for the Mars mission of SpaceX.

Seeing Red

Mars was like Earth Before; could Earth Become Another Mars?

The claim Mars had an oxygen-rich atmosphere remains controversial .

Time for Plan B?

US Congress Advisory Body Faults NASA for Slow Pace of Mars Landing Program

ASAP also said it's been asking NASA for a formal plan "for some time."

Buzz, buzz.

NASA Helicopter Drone to fly on Mars for the First Time

Mars' very low density atmosphere is the main challenge the copter will have to overcome.

NASA released some retro cool posters for recruiting explorers to the Red Planet.

NASA Wants You to Explore Mars: See These Amazing Mars Recruitment Posters

NASA just released a new series of posters filled with retro designed, recruitment inspiration for Mars for those who dream of one day exploring the Red Planet.

Red Dragon on Red Planet

NASA Decides to Support SpaceX’s Mars Landing Missions

Of special interest to NASA is Red Dragon's "supersonic retropropulsion."

Be a Martian

NASA Issues Delightful Recruitment Posters Urging People to go to Mars

NASA wants you for Mars. Be a Martian and sign-up!


Elon Musk Wants to Colonize Mars to Save Humankind

Mars is the new Promised Land. But is Elon Musk the new Moses?

A Martian date

UAE Saves NASA’s Deep Space Exploration Program with New Deal

NASA's financial woes are no secret.

NASA Mars Orbiters Reveal Seasonal Dust Storm Pattern This graphic presents Martian atmospheric temperature data as curtains over an image of Mars taken during a regional dust storm. The temperature profiles extend from the surface to about 50 miles up. T

How Massive Dust Storms on Mars Cover One Third of the Planet

Scientists reveal the different types of seasonal dust storms on Mars and how they are produced, revealing local, regional and even hazardous global storms.

To Mars!

Elon Musk Reveals Timetable for Mars Colonization by SpaceX

SpaceX was founded by Musk in 2002 with the ultimate aim of colonizing Mars.

Death traps

Mars One Scam Still Up and Running; Announces ‘Tests’ for Martian ‘Colonists’

They said without dramatic improvements in equipment life, the colonists could starve to death on Mars.


Kennedy Wanted US to Land on Mars, not the Moon; Aldrin Says Next President Must Do This

"Kennedy didn't know that it was not possible," said Aldrin.

Elon Musk Plans to send humans to Mars by 2024

Musk to Send People to Mars by 2024

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is optimistic about colonizing Mars by 2024. Speaking at Recode's Code Conference, he hinted that he would like to live on Mars too. Earlier this year, SpaceX announced that its plans to send an unmanned spacecraft to the red planet by 2018.

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