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Humans on Mars

Bill Nye: NASA Can Bring Humans to Mars by 2033

Scientists believe they now have an idea of how to execute a long-term and cost effective, manned Mars program.

A network of two-tone mineral veins

Curiosity Rover Spots 'Ice Cream Sandwich' Mineral Rocks on Mars

Curiosity analyzed numerous rock samples from three different locations found in the lower regions of Mount Sharp.

The NASA flying saucer

It's Real: NASA Tests New 'Flying Saucer' for Mars

The flying saucer-shaped vehicle measures 15 feet across and weighs 7,000 pounds.

Surface burn marks

Mars Curiosity Rover's Landing Zone Scars have Mysteriously Darkened

NASA scientists are trying to figure out why Curiosity rover's landing blast zones darkened instead of fading away.

Opportunity's Martian trek

Opportunity Mars Rover Completes a Marathon on Another World

Opportunity has traversed the Martian terrain for 26.221 miles since landing on the Red Planet on January 24, 2004.


Jupiter Destroyed the First Set of Planets Near the Sun

In the Milky Way, solar systems usually consist of Super Earths that have really short orbital periods compared to our solar system.

Martian aurora

NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft Spots Mystery Cloud and Ultraviolet Aurora on Mars

This bright ultraviolet aurora light show on the alien world spanned the entire northern hemisphere.

Another water planet

Mars Had a Bigger Ocean Than the Atlantic Ocean

A new study reveals that Mars apparently had a large body of water in the distant past, bigger than the Atlantic Ocean.

Curiosity at the

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover has a Broken Arm

Telemetry sent from the rover indicated a transient short circuit had occurred.

Blue Martian sunset

NASA Video Reveals Sunsets on Mars are Colored Blue

The dust, however, apparently scatters blue light in the forward direction.

Mysterious haze over Mars.

Mysterious Haze on Mars Leaves Scientists Baffled

Images from the Hubble space telescope show plumes of dark haze covering the Red Planet.

Curiosity drills on Mars

Rock Sample Reveals Acidic Water on Mars

On its second attempt to obtain Martian rock samples, NASA's Curiosity rover detects acidic water clues from the base of Mount Sharp.

SpaceX rocket

SpaceX Attempts to Again Land Rocket on Floating Landing Ship

A reusable booster can enable SpaceX to slash costs during expensive launch missions.

Black Beauty meteorite

Black Beauty Meteorite Reveals Secrets of Mars' Crust

It's the oldest meteorite ever discovered.


NASA Testing Helicopter Drone For Mars Exploration

NASA is working on a helicopter-style drone for the next Mars mission in 2020, to cover more ground and get more raw data on the Red Planet.

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