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SpaceX Valued At $10 Billion In New Round Of Funding

Elon Musk's SpaceX is valued at $10 billion in a new round of funding, lead by Google.

The UK-led Beagle-2 Mars lander, which hitched a ride on ESA’s Mars Express mission and was lost on Mars since 2003, has been found in images taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Long Lost Mars Probe Beagle 2 Finally Found

New photos from the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has now revealed the exact location of the lost U.K. Mars probe Beagle 2.

Elon Musk

Musk Dead Set on Landing the First Humans on Mars

The Martian transport system will be based on a completely new structure.


NASA, Nissan to Make Self-Driving Car for Mars

NASA and Nissan have teamed up to create self-driving cars what will be used in the exploration of other planets.

Space X

SpaceX Sending Humans to Mars Soon

Be ready, humans! Mars awaits.

Martian terrain

Curiosity Rover Photos Reveal Proof of Fossilized Life on Mars

A new study reveals possible evidence of life on Mars via intensive analysis of NASA's Curiosity rover's images.


UK Students to Send Lettuce to Grow on Mars

A group of university students aims to grow lettuce on Mars to make the planet more habitable.

Inflatable Spacecraft Technology

NASA Mulls Inflatable Heat Shield for Mars Spacecraft

They believe the design could help slow the spacecraft as it encounters Mars' atmosphere.

Quadrantid meteor shower

Spectacular Jupiter and Big Dipper Meteor Shower all in January 2015

January is a generous month for star gazers.

Curiosity Mars Rover

NASA's Opportunity Rover is Suffering from 'Memory Loss'

Opportunity is currently experiencing flash memory disorders.

Venus Zones

NASA Now Serious about Going to Venus First

The entire platform will be a blimp-like craft that will be the home of astronauts and also a platform for probes.

Pee Power Technology Could Help to Take Human to Mars

Human urine will be carried along with the technology during an unmanned flight to Mars in 2018.


Scientists Find a Cheaper Way to Travel to Mars

Ballistic capture is also known as low-energy transfer.

Niu Ziru

9-Year-Old Boy's Advice To Chinese President Xi Jinping: Lose Some Weight

A nine-year-old boy from a primary school identified as Niu Ziru has written a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping via a school project and he pondered his thoughts about a mission to Mars and advising "Grandpa Xi" to lose some weight.

Methane on Mars

Curiosity Rover Finally Detects Organics on Mars

The rover also detected some methane gas in the thin Martian atmosphere.

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