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SOFIA/GREAT spectrum of oxygen [O I] superimposed on a Viking 1 composite image of Mars by USGS University of Arizona. The amount of atomic oxygen computed from this SOFIA data is about half the amount expected.

Atomic Oxygen on Mars Detected by NASA

With the help of NASA's SOFIA observatory, the presence of atomic oxygen on Mars has been determined that could provide clues to possible microbial life.

Europe on Mars

Joint Europe, Russia ExoMars Mission Postponed to 2020

ExoMars 2020 will see the landing of the Roscosmos-built lander (or the ExoMars 2020 surface platform) that will deliver the ESA-built ExoMars Rover to the surface.

Mars, here we come.

SpaceX to Reveal More Plans for Mars Mission in September

The long-term goal of SpaceX is to provide spacecraft for the future human colonization of Mars.

SpaceX Red Dragon landing on Mars (Artist's Concept)

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Collaborates With NASA to Explore Mars by 2018

Elon Musk-owned SpaceX has inked a new deal with NASA to put its spacecraft on Martian soil by 2018. The collaboration marks a new phase in space exploration where the private and public sector are joining hands to conquer the Red Planet. NASA is looking to send humans to Mars by the 2030s.

China Mars Mission

China’s Mars Mission Goes into High Gear; Country’s First Unmanned Probe Set to Land on the Red Planet in 2020

China's Mars mission is now on high gear, as the country's first unmanned probe is set to launch, orbit and land on the Red Plant in 2020.

A wheel track left by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover exposes underlying material in a shallow sand sheet in this Dec. 2, 2015, view from Curiosity's Mast Camera (Mastcam).

[PHOTO] Mars Curiosity Rover Investigates Martian Sand Dunes

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover finally reaches the Martian sandy dunes revealing the first detailed images of this two story high feature.

Mars Ring, Phobos

Mars to Lose One Moon And Gain a Ring

Scientific data gathered about Mars reveals that the Red Planet will lose one of its two small moons. Data shows that Phobos is slowly spiraling towards an inevitable collision with Mars. On the bright side, while Mars is poised to lose Phobos, pieces of the small moon will have a second life and will create a ring that will form around the planet.

Mars' moon Phobos is slowly being pulled apart by tidal forces

Mars' Moon Phobos Slowly Being Pulled Apart by Tidal Forces, Study Finds

Mars' moon Phobos is slowly being pulled apart by tidal forces and scientists expect it to be destroyed in 30 to 50 million years, a new study has found.


Do You Have What it Takes to be an Astronaut? NASA is Hiring

To all aspiring astronauts, this might be the chance you have been waiting for: on Tuesday, NASA released an official announcement calling on those qualified to become the next space explorer to throw their hats in the ring.

Mark Watney is elated in one of the

'The Martian' Is A Good Movie – Review

"The Martian" movie is good, portrayed well by the actor Matt Damon, and almost realistic with only a few faults.

NASA's new findings about Mars

Has NASA found water on Mars? US Space Agency to make major announcement

NASA will reveal and detail a major finding from their ongoing explorations of Mars on a news briefing to be held at the NASA' headquarter, specifically, the James Webb Auditorium.

An artifact that is found by Mars Curiosity Rover and is believed to be a capstone of a larger pyramid.

Martian Civilization Proves To Be True?

According to Extraterrestrial hunters and Dr. John Bradenburg, alien race on the planet Mars has been present before it was wiped out by a nuclear attack by another alien race, and evidence can be seen even until today.


Alien and UFO News: Bold Proofs They Exist; NASA Guides On How To identify Alien’s Existence!

Conspiracy theorists always long to find proof of aliens and UFO. There are lots of aliens and UFO evidence videos that comes along almost every day and continues to make humans long for something more.


Space News: Earth Is Being Watched By UFO’s; Alien Trying to Save Human Race?

NASA's International Space Station was reportedly being watched and monitored by the Unidentified Flying Objects. Last week's report shows a video of a Martian woman taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover. Another footage of the said "alien" was rumored taken by NASA camera was showing a pinkish-white object flying across space around the ISS.

Opal Stone

Martian Life Evidence? Scientists Discover Opal Stones On Red Planet

Is there a possibility that Martian life exists? In a recent study published in the Meteorites and Planetary Science journal, University of Glasglow scientists revealed they have found a significant discovery — the presence of opal in a Martian meteorite, which, on Earth, can suggest the presence of microorganisms.

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