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Benjie Batanes

Xi Jinping, APEC, Philippines

Chinese President Xi Jinping to Attend Philippine APEC Summit - Despite South China Sea Territorial Dispute

China has confirmed that its President Xi Jinping is coming to the Philippines next week to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC summit despite the ongoing sea territorial dispute between the two countries. China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi is in Manila to make sure everything is prepared when Xi arrives.

Anastasia Lin

Miss World Canada Accuses China of Preventing Her Entry to Pageant Finals

Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin has accused China of trying to prevent her entry to the Miss World competition finals, which is scheduled to be held in the country on November 21. Chinese-Canadian Lin believes that her outspoken views on human rights in China is the primary reason why the authorities are yet to issue an invitation letter to her for the competition set to be staged in Sanya, Hainan Island.

Sony-Nintendo Playstation

Rare Nintendo-Sony PlayStation Prototype Surfaces

In July, an online image of a "Nintendo PlayStation" appeared on the internet. The mysterious image is supposedly a prototype of a Nintendo and Sony PlayStation that did not materialize because of disputes between the two gaming companies.


Warcraft Movie Trailer Unveiled – Humans and Orcs Battling Each Other for Survival

Legendary Pictures has finally unveiled the first tangible trailer of the highly anticipated Warcraft movie. Millions of fans have already watched the trailer video since on YouTube since its release on Friday.

Alibaba, Youku Tudou,

Alibaba Buys 'China's YouTube' Youku Tudou for $3.7 Billion

China's e-commerce giant Alibaba announced on Friday that it has virtually gobbled up China's version of YouTube - Youku Tudou - after paying around $3.7 billion in cash for the remaining shares in the company.

James Bond Movies, Tencent, China,

Chinese Internet Company Tencent Gets James Bond Films Online Distribution Rights

Chinese internet company Tencent announced on Friday that it has successfully negotiated for the online distribution rights to the whole James Bond series in China. Both Tencent and James Bond Franchise owner Metro Goldwyn Mayer are yet to divulge the amount involved in the deal.

China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines Chairman Faces Probe for Graft

China Southern Airlines announced on Thursday that its chairman Si Xianmin is being probed by authorities for graft and corruption. The details of the crimes Si is accused of has not been released by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI).

Merced Stabbing

California Police Kill Knife-Wielding Student After Stabbing 5 Victims in Merced Campus

Police at the University of California Merced campus shot and killed a knife-wielding male student who stabbed five people on Wednesday.

PSO J318.5-22

Jupiter-Sized Floating Planet Discovered – Astrophysicist Say Existence of Extraterrestrial Life Possible

Astronomers have recently discovered a Jupiter-sized floating planet at least 75 light years away from the Earth. Some scientists claim that even without a sun, such planets can still harbor life.

Ohio Marijuana Issue 3

Voters in Ohio Reject Proposal to Legalize Marijuana Over Fears of State Monolpolization

Majority of voters in Ohio rejected on Tuesday the proposal also known as Issue 3, that would have legalize the use and growing of marijuana in the state. Media reports estimated that those against outnumber those in favor by a margin of two to one.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix Debunk Alleged Plans to Release Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer on Nov. 4

A new trailer for the Kingdom Hearts 3 was slated to be released today Wednesday Nov.4, according to rumors. However, game developer Square Enix has announced that the news is false and that they have not yet set a definite date for the trailer's release.

Local Motors to Put 3-D Printed Car on Sale in 2016

U.S. Car Maker Local Motors to Produce 3-D Printed Cars by 2016

U.S. car maker Local Motors announced this week that it will start rolling out 3-D printed cars in the year 2016. Prospective customers can expect to shell out more than $50,000 to get one of these vehicles.

U.S. Federal Authorities Investigate Existence of Covert Chinese Radio Broadcast

U.S. Federal Authorities Investigate Alleged Covert Chinese Radio Broadcasts

The U.S. Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are conducting a probe into a California-based radio broadcasting company that is 60 percent owned by a Chinese state enterprise's subsidiary. A media article released on Monday regarding the existence of a network of covert Chinese radio broadcasts prompted the two federal agencies to look in to the matter.

Li Yundi

Li Yundi's Seoul Concert Performance and Behavior Puts Off Korean Fans

Li Yundi, China's first and youngest "Chopin specialist", committed an error during his Friday night performance in South Korea's capital city Seoul. Fans were, however, dismayed and angered when Li later posted a picture on Facebook - apparently unbothered by the incident.

China Icahn Arrested for Stock Price Manipulation

China's Icahn Has Been Arrested for Insider Trading

One of the most prominent stock traders in China has been arrested for malpractice. Xu Xiang, general manager and one of the owners of Zexi Investment, made a fortune in the Chinese stock market even during the period that it was struggling. On Sunday morning, Xu was arrested in spectacular fashion by authorities over to suspicions of insider trading.

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