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China Stock Market

Stock Analyst Predicts Repeat of Chinese Stock Boom to Bust Cycle

A stock analyst based in Bangkok predicted over the weekend that Chinese stocks will experience a rally in the last quarter of 2015 in which the Shanghai Index may reach over 4,000 but can drop by as much as half by early next year.

Paris Summit Climate Change

Paris Summit on Climate Change May Lead Nowhere, Says Scientists

Scientists from all over the world on Monday noted that the Paris summit to tackle carbon pollution will lead nowhere if each country pushes their own agenda instead of cooperating with one another to reduce global carbon emissions.

Mota Man

Recently Discovered Ancient African Genome May Prove Back to Africa Migration Theory

A team of scientists in Ethiopia have successfully obtained the DNA of an ancient man, who lived in the area more than 4,500 years ago. The scientists, who published their findings on Thursday, said that the man's genome proves that there was great back to Africa migration that occurred approximately 3,000 years ago.

China Cigarette Smoking

One-Third of China's Young Male Smokers May Die From Smoking Related Disease

A health study published on Friday claims that one out of three Chinese male smokers in their 20s will likely die early from smoking related illnesses. Nonetheless, the researchers say that this gruesome statistic can be reversed if smokers can kick the deadly habit.

China Foreign Reserve.

China's Foreign Reserve Continues to Drop - September Balance Now at $3.5 Trillion

China's central bank announced on Wednesday that its foreign reserve has dropped even further to around $3.5 trillion. Chinese monetary authorities and outside observers have pointed to several factors as the reasons behind the continuous flight of foreign currency out of the country.

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault

Another Playboy Model Files Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby

A Playboy model has filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against famous comedian Bill Cosby for allegedly sexually assaulting her several years ago. Cosby is facing a string of legal suits from various women who claim that he assaulted them.

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

World Anti-Doping Agency Discovers Banned Substances in Thousands of 2014 Samples

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has announced that banned substances were found in around 3,000 samples submitted for doping checks in 2014. This could potentially indicate that the use of performance enhancing drugs has possibly decreased.

Neutrino Discovery Nobel Prize for Physics, Takaaki Kajita, Arthur McDonald

Noted Japanese and Canadian Physicists Get Nobel Prize for 'Flipping' Neutrino Discovery

Japan's Takaaki Kajita and Canada's Arthur McDonald - both physicists - were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics on Tuesday for their joint discovery that neutrinos have mass after all. Before their discovery, it was generally believed that these elementary particles did not have mass.

Elvis Presley Piano Auction

Elvis Presley's Piano, Beatles' Drum Skin to be Auctioned in November

A grand piano once owned by Elvis Presley and a Beatles drum skin will auctioned on November 7, according to an announcement made by the auctioneers on Monday. Memorabilia from these Rock and Roll icons are still very popular among collectors.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Japan Encourages China to Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday noted that the Trans-Pacific free trade agreement will be further enhanced if China joins. While Beijing has welcomed the new trade deal, authorities are reportedly reluctant to become part of it.

Nepenthes Gracilis

Pitcher Plant Utilizes the Power of Rain to Trap and Digest Insects

A recent scientific study has discovered that a certain type of pitcher plant uses the power of rain to trap and digest insects such as ants. The Nepenthes gracilis is now under a new class, distinct from the two known classes.

Hong Kong Football Fans

FIFA Imposes Fine on Hong Kong Football Association After Fans Boo Chinese National Anthem

FIFA officials have imposed a fine on the Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) because football fans from the island booed the Chinese national anthem ahead of a match against Qatar in early September.

Asthma Inhaler Height

Children's Height Could be Affected by Asthma Steroids: Study

A research study from Finland released during the first week of October revealed that babies given asthma steroids may lose a few inches in height during their growing years.

Blue Whale

Blue Whale's Diet is Ideal for Maintaining Weight and Size - Study

Blue Whales mainly feed on krill and a research study published recently has found out that the largest of Earth's mammals have devised ways to save their energy while hunting for preys.

ISIS Destroys Arch of Palmyra

ISIS Destroys Another Syrian Heritage – Roman Built Arch of Triumph

Members of islamic militant group ISIS have destroyed another ancient Syrian monument, the Arch of Triumph, which was built by the Romans 2,000 years ago in the city of Palmyra. The destruction of the arch was confirmed by observers on Sunday.

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