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Benjie Batanes

Anonymous, KKK

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Reveals Emails and Phone Numbers of Ku Klux Klan Members

Hacktivist group Anonymous has apparently released the personal information of several members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The KKK is a white supremacist group that became famous during the American civil rights era. The group has clashed with Anonymous in the past.

Taylor Swift, Jesse Braham

R&B Artist Sues Taylor Swift For Plagiarizing 'Shake It Off' Song

An R&B artist named Jesse Braham is suing Taylor Swift for allegedly plagiarizing a certain phrase from his 2013 song, "Haters Gonna Hate" and then incorporating it in her 2014 hit "Shake it Off". Aside from the $42 million dollars suit, Braham is also demanding that his name is included as one of the writers of the popular song.

China Stock Manipulation, Crackdown on Automated Trading

Chinese Executives of Hong Kong Futures Firm Arrested for 'Malicious' Trading

China's Ministry of Public Security on Sunday announced the arrest of two Chinese executives of a Hong Kong futures firm for allegedly engaging in the manipulation of futures prices. This arrest is the first time that Chinese authorities have apprehended persons working for a financial firm owned by non-mainlanders.

Wang Jianlin

China's Richest Man Wang Jianlin Clarifies Financial Ties with Relatives of President Xi

Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin has clarified allegations that some relatives of President Xi Jinping hold significant shares in his company. On Thursday, Wang said that Xi's relatives had sold all of their shares before his company made its initial public offering (IPO) in 2014, missing the chance to make a tremendous profit.

US Illegal Gambling

United States Authorities Arrest 17 Suspects for Illegally Online Gambling

Security officers in three states have arrested at least 17 persons suspected of engaging in an illegal online gambling scheme. On Wednesday, authorities said that the suspects' operations catered to at least 2,000 American gamblers and bets reached up to several million dollars.

Atacama Desert

Flowers Blooming in Chile's Atacama Desert – 'The Driest Place on Earth'

The Atacama desert in Chile has acquired the undisputed title of being the "driest place on Earth". But early this year, a heavy downpour that lasted for 12 hours has turned the seemingly lifeless desert into a blooming flower garden.

Pfizer, Allegan Merger

Pharmaceutical Companies Pfizer and Allergan Discuss Possible Merger

Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Allergan have started initial negotiations for a possible merger in which the former will be the surviving company. The proposed deal was uncovered this week by the media.

Nintendo CEO

Nintendo Announces Upcoming Release of Its First Smartphone Game – Miitomo

Japanese game maker Nintendo announced on Thursday that it will release its first game for Android and Apple iOS smartphones in 2016. The game is called Miitomo. Nintendo is the only one of the three major electronic game console makers that is yet to release a game outside of its own devices.

Sam Sarpong

Actor-Model Sam Sarpong Dead in Apparent Suicide

Samuel “Sam” Sarpong Jr., a former host of the MTV Show Yo Momma and model for fashion designers Tommy Hilfiger and Luis Vuitton, died on Monday after jumping off a bridge in Pasadena, California. The family issued a statement on his death without citing any reasons that may have led the 40 year old to end his life.

MLB World Series 2015

Fox Sport Lost World Series Broadcast Feed For 7 Minutes; Station Issues Explanation

Fans missed some of the action in the first game of the World Series as Fox Sports lost its broadcast feed of the game on Tuesday evening. The station issued a statement later saying that their generators suffered some electronic breakdown which caused the delayed broadcast.

Google Asus onHub Router

Google Introduces Asus onHub Router That Can Boost Wi-Fi Signal With a Hand Wave

Google on Wednesday introduced the Asus onHub router to the market. This is the second onHub router product launched by Google.

Apple Quarterly Earnings

Apple CEO Sees Growth Opportunities in China Despite Recent Economic Slowdown

Apple's Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook believes that China can still provide opportunities for growth despite the recent economic slowdown in the country. He made this statement on Wednesday after news surfaced that his company beat expectations of analysts both on sales and income for the third quarter.

Cybersecurity Information Security Act (CISA)

U..S Senate Passes Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA); Critics Say Bill Outdated

A majority of American senators voted in favor of the Cybersecurity Information Security Act (CISA) on Monday. Critics, however, say that CISA is not only outdated, but would also infringe on the privacy of netizens in the United States

Facebook, Non-Profit Organizations Fund Raising

Facebook Announces Full Android and iOS Mobile Notification Revamp

Facebook announced on Monday that the company will be revamping their app on both Android and iOS mobile devices. The upcoming new and improved notification system is intended to be at par with Google Now which is by far superior to Facebook's.

Wang Jianlin China's Richest Man 2015 - Forbes

Chinese Real Estate Mogul Wang Jianlin is China's Richest Man - Forbes

Forbes Magazine has listed real estate and entertainment mogul Wang Jianlin as China's richest man in 2015 during a conference held in Beijing on Monday. This is the second time Wang has been adjudged to be the wealthiest in the country, the first time was in 2013.

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