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Benjie Batanes

Ying Ying

Giant Panda Ying Ying Due to Give Birth to Hong Kong's First Cub

Giant panda Ying Ying is expected to give birth to Hong Kong first cub soon, according to an announcement made by her zoo handlers on Thursday.

Height Cancer

Height Does Matter When it Comes to Cancer, According to Study

Sweden researchers have revealed the result of a study at a medical convention in Spain on Thursday showing that taller humans are more prone to get cancer than shorter people. Critics, however, have disputed the study, saying that it ignores other significant factors which could also cause the disease.

Oregon Shooting

Oregon Shooting: Gunman Kills 10, Injures 7 in Umpqua College

A man entered two classrooms in Roseburg's Umpqua Community College on Thursday and began shooting at the teachers and students. The gunman killed at least ten people and injuried seven others before he was killed by responding law enforcement officers.

Hilary Clinton Emails

U.S. State Department Finds More Classified Information in Hillary Clinton's Emails

The U.S. State Department has announced on Wednesday that its latest review of Clinton's emails shows that one out of five message can be considered as confidential. The Democrat presidential candidate is facing criticisms for mixing her official correspondence with private emails.

Jason Chaffetz

U.S. Secret Services Leaked Personal Files of Snooping Congressman: Investigators

An internal probe revealed on Wednesday that several members of the U.S. Secret Service had accessed and may have leaked the personal files of a congressman, who was probing the agency. Investigators believe that the people responsible for the inappropriate disclosure intended to embarrass the lawmaker.

HIV Retroviral Drugs

World Health Organization Advocates Antiretroviral Treatment For All HIV Cases Regardless of Stage

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Wednesday that it is recommending antiretroviral treatment to all persons diagnosed with HIV regardless of its stage. The recommendation is based on a study which shows that providing antiretroviral therapy (ART) as early as possible can increase a HIV-infected person's chances of living a longer and healthier life.

Kelly Gissendaner

State of Georgia Executes Female Death Row Inmate After Appeals Denied

A female death row inmate has been put to death on Wednesday in the state of Georgia despite legal appeals and numerous pleadings for mercy from anti-death penalty advocates, the convict's children and even Pope Francis. The last time that a female prisoner was executed in Georgia was seven decades ago.

Menopause DNA

Study Reveals Certain Genes Decide When Menopause Will Start

Medical researchers have found out that certain genes may determine the onset of menopause among women. The findings of the study, which was published on Monday, could help in the development of more effective fertility drugs and help researchers better understand the medical complications that usually accompanies menopause.

Chicago Shooting, Family

Chicago Family Attacked By Unknown Shooters – Pregnant Mother Among Dead

A grandmother and a pregnant mother were among the casualties after an unknown assailant opened fire on a family on Monday evening. At least three people - including a male toddler - were among the people injured in the shooting.

Iran Nuclear Deal

Iranian Leader Makes Fun of Republican Politicians Opposing the U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal

Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani told reporters on Sunday that he finds the opposition by Republican politician to the nuclear deal as amusing. Republican senators have since conceded defeat when they could not reject Iran's nuclear deal due to the Democrats' united stand in the senate.

Supermoon, Blood moon

Lucky Night Sky Gazers Witness 'Supermoon' During Eclipse

People across the world have witnessed an uncommon lunar phenomena known as the "supermoon." The reddish Moon was visible during the late hours of Sunday evening to the early hours of Monday morning.

Asian Immigrants America

Survey Reveals Asians Outpacing Hispanics as America's Top Immigrants

A U.S. demographic survey published on Monday has revealed that Asians are currently entering the country in far greater numbers than ever before, outpacing even Hispanics. The timely survey seems to remind American politicians that immigrants are already a significant part of their constituents.

China Lungs X-Ray

Study Reveals Why Some People Still Have Healthy Lungs Despite Being Heavy Smokers

Scientists have recently found out that some people still have healthy lungs despite years of smoking because of certain mutations in their lung DNA.

9,000 year old skull decapitated Brazil

Scientists Investigate 9,000 Years Old Decapitation Case in Brazil

Scientists are currently examining a male skull thought to be decapitated 9,000 years ago in modern day Brazil. The skull was handed over by archeologists who discovered it at their digging site.

Fake Surgeries

U.S. Prosecutors Charge 14 People for Performing Fraudulent Surgeries

Prosecutors in Los Angeles, California, have charged 14 people with performing unnecessary surgeries on patients in order to collect their insurance money. The District Attorney's office said on Friday that the suspects' greed for profit led them to put hundreds of their patients at risk.

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