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Marco Foronda

Cornell Eel-like Robot May Possibly Explore Europa Moon

The soft, flexible marine rover would only use resources in its extraterrestrial environment to power itself through the water.


What's the Weather in an Alien Planet?

Astronomers studied the weather in exoplanets and observed how they compare to Earth's.

Squid-like rover design

Squid-Like Rover to Explore Salty Icy Seas of Jupiter's Moon Europa

Cornell University researchers proposed to use a squid-like rover to explore Jupiter's moon, Europa in 2020.

Microsoft's Skype Translator Preview is Now Accessible

Currently, Skype Translator supports English to and from Chinese (Mandarin), Italian and Spanish. Microsoft is encouraging testers to use it with these languages.

Georgia Tech Robot

You Can Now Control An Army of Robot Using Your Finger

The robots follow the beam as they communicate with each other and figure out how to best cover that specific area

Supernova 1987A

Lopsided Stellar Explosion to Solve Other Supernova Mysteries

Recently exploded star had a "lopsided" blast, a feature that could solve supernova mysteries.

Monarch Butterfly

Vineyards Help Increasing the Butterfly Population, New Study Reports

While only an average of five species were found on traditional vineyards, habitat-enhanced vineyards boasted 20 different butterfly species.

Birds beak

Scientists Reveal the Origin of Birds' Beak

This group of meat-eaters had long snouts, small brains and eyes, and lots of teeth

iOS 8.4 beta 3

Apple Has Launched iOS 8.4 beta 3 with Better Music App

Included in this new beta version is a revamped Music app with a cleaner look and added functionalities.

Mars Blue Sunset

NASA's Mars Rover Captures the Red Planet's Blue Sunset

Curiosity has been on Mars for almost three years, but this is the first colored image of a sunset it ever took, using the Mast Cam.


NASA's GL-10 Drone is Both Helicopter and Plane

The new prototype vehicle is called Greased Lightning or GL-10. Originally, developed as a drone, but turned into a manned vehicle.

Ceres Bright Spots

New Close-Up Images of Dwarf Planet Ceres Reveal its Best Spots

The latest images from the Dawn spacecraft reveal that the pair of spots is comprised of even more spots.

Tinder profile photo

The Truth about Enhanced Profile Photos in Dating Sites

They have discovered that men rated enhanced pictures of women as more attractive, but also less trustworthy.

CHIP First Nine Dollar Computer

A New Chip Computer to Beat Pi and Arduino is Just US$9

It features a 1GHz processor, 512 RAM, built-in Wi Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, a micro-USB and a regular USB and even an audio jack along with 4GB of flash storage.


Google Lets You Pre-Register on Google Play Apps

If there's an app or a game that you're interested in, but it's not out yet, all you have to do is tap on the little "pre-register" button for supported titles in Google Play.

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