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Marco Foronda

nanoscale laser

Researchers Have Developed First Liquid Nanoscale Laser

The good thing about the nanoscale laser is that it can be reorganized in real time and it only means that varieties of colors can be produces easily by using the laser.

New Horizons spacecraft

New Horizons Just Three Months Away from Pluto

New Horizons is the fastest spacecraft ever launched.

Kilauea summit lava lake

Kilauea Lava Lake About to Overflow Volcano Summit

The current activity of the lake is starting to concern the residents.

Air pollution in China

Air Pollution Can Cause Dementia, New Study Reveals

PM 2.5 can be considered dangerous to the brain and not only to the lungs based on the new study.

Facebook, Other Social Media Offer Help to Nepal Earthquake Victims

Apart from Facebook, Google also activated "Person Finder" as its own aid to Nepal victims.

Feeling for lumps

Ovary Removal Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer Death in Women

Women diagnosed with breast cancer can reduce the risk of death by 62 percent if their ovaries are removed.

Texas Hold 'Em

Humans Beat Poker-playing AI in First Two Days of Texas Hold'em Contest

Each of the four pros will play 1,500 hands per day against Claudico over 13 days or until May 7.

taste buds in action

For the First Time, Scientists Observe How Taste Cells Work

The tongue cells were illuminated by an infrared light in the microscopic camera.


Japan Plans to Land Probe on Moon by 2018

The plan also wants to keep the pace with China and other space powers.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim

World Bank Leader Says Climate Change is a Fundamental Threat

Asia needs to create finance policies that support sustainable development because its mega-cities are vulnerable.


Genetic Test Can Prevent Spread of Killer Bees

The discovery will help Australian beekeepers stop importing killer bees or Africanized honeybees.

The Pacific Ocean

The Oceans are Worth US$24 Trillion, WWF Reveals

"The ocean rivals the wealth of the world's richest countries, but it is being allowed to sink to the depths of a failed economy".

Human embryo

Chinese Scientists Modifying Human Embryos Create Ethical Issues

The team tried to change the gene which is responsible for beta-thalassaemia, a potentially fatal blood disorder, using a gene-editing technique known as CRISPR/Cas9.

Dinosaur eggs

Dinosaur Eggs Interrupt Road Work in Chinese City

The Heyuan Dinosaur Fossil Museum as home of the largest collection of dinosaur egg fossils in the world.

Stegosaurus boy or girl

Researchers Reveal How to Identify the Gender of Stegosaurus Dinosaur

Saitta has seen multiple Stegosaurus fossils here and recognized different dimensions of the dinosaur's plates.

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