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Marco Foronda

51 Pegasi b and Jupiter

First Visible Light Seen from Alien Exoplanet

These observations also revealed new properties of this famous object, the first exoplanet ever discovered around a normal star: 51 Pegasi b.

Large Binocular Telescope Aids in Finding Alien Exoplanets

The LBT enables us to look at those planets at a wavelength that nobody else is really using.

Dust jet from the 'dark side'.

Rosetta Witnesses Eruption of Mysterious Dust Jet on Comet 67P

A newly released image shows the rare moment when a fresh dust jet emerges.

New tabletop detector

New Tabletop Particle Detector Can See Single Electrons

The process could aid scientists achieve an even greater feat: measuring the mass of the elusive neutrino.

Atomic clock

Atomic Clock will Remain Accurate for the Next 15 Billion Years

Researchers have worked really hard to make the clock accurate and stable.

Alaska trade

Prehistoric Artifacts Shows Asian Trade in Alaska

Genetic research also showed there were indeed interactions between peoples from East Asia and the New World.

Wolves in Isle Royale

Isle Royale Has Only Three Lone Wolves Left Alive

The chances of recovering the wolves' number has been reduced to slim or none at all.


Male Baboons Don't Care About Females with Big Butts

They found that big-bottomed females were no more likely to attract mates than their smaller-bottomed counterparts.

Kermit the Frog Look-Alike

Kermit the Frog Look-Alike Discovered in Costa Rica

It looks uncannily like Kermit the Frog because of with its uniformly bright lime green skin and big white bug eyes with dark centers.

Vampire squid

Vampire Squids May Be Immortal, Study Reveals

Researchers report that the deep-sea squids have a reproductive strategy unlike any ever seen before in an octopus or squid.

Cold Spot mystery

Mysterious 'Cold Spot' May be the Biggest Structure in the Universe

Researchers may have found “the largest individual structure ever identified by humanity” and this structure may be creating the anomalous Cold Spot.

Laser target

Researchers to Use Lasers to Clear Space Debris

This orbital junk can travel at speeds of up to 17,500 miles per hour -- fast enough to cause serious damage to satellites and even the International Space Station.


Russia Wants to Build Its Own Space Station

Putin said it's a distant prospect but necessary to improve the country's economy.


Colors Regulate Animals' Internal Clocks, Study Reveals

The animals' physiology and habits are also modified according to the time of day.

Ceres' North Pole

NASA's Dawn Photographs New Images of Ceres' North Pole

This may be the highest-resolution look at the planet thus far, but it won’t stay that way for too long.

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