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Marco Foronda


Expect the First Mobile Game of Nintendo by the End of 2015

Company's first mobile game will be available to smartphone users by the end of this year, and the rest will be available by March 2017.

The Andromeda Galaxy

Astronomers Discover Andromeda's Massive Gas Halo, Which Extends Near the Earth

Astronomers discover a massive gas halo around Andromeda and is noted to extend near the Earth.


NASA Reveals the Ancient Magnetic Field of Mercury

The data was accurately corrected by sending the Messenger in orbit in close proximity to the planet.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the Last Version of Windows, Microsoft Says

Nixon revealed that Microsoft secretly made Windows 8.1 as the base for Windows 10.


Nintendo and Universal Park Partner to Bring Nintendo Theme Park Experience

Nintendo’s new theme park endeavor is known to be the new strategy for them to expand its international reach of characters and intellectual property by venturing into new business models.

Spider Web

Spiders Sprayed with Graphene Create 'Superstrong Silk'

The graphene or carbon nanotubes make the material tougher and turn the silk into a superior one with remarkable uses.

Student Captures Intriguing X-Files Sounds from Outer Space

Current guesses include sound from a wind farm, the ocean, wind or vibrations from cables on the balloon.

Android Lollipop

Google Plans to Increase Android Privacy Controls

The new security measures were brought in with Lollipop and it is largely considered to be decent additions and ones which highlighted Google’s continued focus on security.

Nepal Earthquake

NASA's FINDER Detects Nepal Survivors by Their Pulses

Rescuers found and saved four men trapped in a rubble in Nepal, thanks to NASA's advanced heartbeat detection technology, FINDER.


NOAA: Carbon Dioxide Levels Surpass an Alarming Record

The burning of fossil fuels is the main reason why the carbon dioxide is now increasing 100 times faster than usual.


AMA Session: Reddit to Develop Its Own Video Platform

Reddit will start by trying to translate the success of the site's "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) interview posts into video format.


Newly Discovered Microbe Can Explain the Missing Link of Evolution

The study provides insight into how the complex cell types make up living beings evolved from simple microbes billions of years ago.

Daimler Self-Driving Truck

18-Wheeler Self-Driving Truck Unveils in Nevada

Named as “Inspiration”, it drives on public road and seen at the Nevada’s highways not for testing purposes but for business as well.


Pollen Helps to Increase Rainfall, Says New Study

A nanometer-sized particles from different types of pollen have began to pull in moisture and form clouds as found by the team.


Onion Cells Can be an Artificial Muscle, Study Reveals

Onion layers were made to move like muscles and turn them into an electrostatic actuator. The layers were coated with gold electrodes which help conduct current.

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