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superconducting quantum bit device

IBM Starts to Build Reliable First Practical Quantum Computers

IBM is now able to identify a variety of data errors simultaneously in a square array of four qubits, which was not formerly attainable.

Pluto Polar Ice Cap

Pluto May Have Polar Ice Cap, New NASA Images Reveal

Pluto May Have Polar Ice Cap, New NASA Images Reveal

binge drinking

Binge Drinking Escalates Risk of Heart Attack by 70 Percent

Researchers noted that risks are more dangerous for individuals who don’t really drink on weekdays and up for binge drinking over the weekend.


Breastfeeding Can Lower the Risk of Breast Cancer, New Study Says

Study shows that there is always a good side and protective effect when women are engage in breastfeeding.


Dandelions can be a Good Source of Rubber, Study Reveals

Biosynthesis is responsible for the formation on which the rubber is considered as a protein complex which is located on a surface so-called rubber particle.

Burmese Python

Experts Track Burmese Pythons That Decimate Everglades' Native Species

In a comprehensive tracking study on Burmese pythons in Florida, experts have identified their home range, which is important in helping them rid of the invasive species in the Everglades National Park.

Colorful images of Mercury

NASA Has Released Mercury’s Colorful Images

Mercury appeared to be rainbow-colored and can be explained by a system that is responsible in capturing the spectral data that is about the surface and exosphere of the planet.

3D image of embryo

Researchers Reveal the First-ever 3D Image Turns Itself Inside-Out

It is believed that gastrulation happened during morphogenesis as it marked when an embryo turns inside-out from being a sphere up to becoming a mushroom shape and back to its original shape.


Amphibians Experience Additional Difficulty in Migrating to another Place

New Hampshire Fish and Game wildlife biologist Mike Marchand explained that New Hampshire is a home to species that solely depends on the vernal pools.

Planetary system near earth

Robotic Telescope Discovers Three New Planets Near Earth

A team of astronomers discovered three new planets in Earth's neighborhood, thanks to a robotic telescope.


Scientists Can Now Tell the Difference of Twins' DNA

Dr. Graham Williams developed the “high resolution melt curve analysis” (HRMA) along with his Forensic Genetics Research Group.

Platypus dinosaur

Fossils of a Platypus Dinosaur, the Milder Cousin of the T-rex Was Discovered In Chile

Fossils of a platypus-like dinosaur reminiscent of the T-rex were recently discovered in Chile by a team of researchers.


Study: More Weather Extremes to Come, Thanks to Climate Change

The planet will likely experience more extreme heat waves and heavy rains because of climate change, according to a study.

Hologram Universe

Scientists Suggest that Universe May be a Hologram After All

The universe can appear to be in three dimensions based on human perspective.

Tiny Gecko Robots Strength is 2,000 Times their Own Weight

The amusing 12 grams weigh of the bots, considered to be the strongest, is able to pull objects that can be 2,000 times heavier that the said miniature robots.

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