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Marco Foronda

Penis worm

New 'Penis Worm' With Teeth Discovered

Scientists discovered a new species of the toothed "penis worm" by studying the differences in the fossilized teeth.


Two Missing Dutch Arctic Explorers Likely Drown in Arctic

However, the researchers’ equipment and a sled dog named Kinmik were spotted in the vicinity of the beacon, near a hole in the ice.

Thunder image

Scientists Photograph the First Image of Thunder

The curve in the image displays signatures shows the speed of the sound traveling from the lightning strike.

Dolphins at the National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego

Study Reveals the Friendliness Level of Dolphins

It’s been known for years that dolphins and other cetaceans are highly social and communicative. Dolphins even vocalize similar to humans.

A. meemannae

Feathery Fossils Suggest Birds Evolved Sooner Than Believed

The discovery of 130 million year-old feathery fossils suggest that birds evolved earlier than previously believed.

Galaxy EGS-zs8-1

The Most Distant Galaxy Discovered

Astronomers discovered the most distant galaxy, which formed 13.1 billion years ago.

random Raman laser

Scientists Develop Random Raman Laser to Reveal Microscopic Life

Microscopic imaging techniques use lasers as light sources because of their ability to deliver pulses of intense radiation to a target that allows ultra-fast image acquisition.

Monarch Butterfly

Native Butterfly Makes a Good Garden Choice

The plants are usually seen along the highway during late summer with their deep-orange flower that stands out on cut embankments which are testament to the plant’s low maintenance requirements.

Pizza Box

Scientists Warn People about Harmful Chemicals Found in Pizza Boxes

The biggest concern is focused on the substance known as PFCs or perflourinated chemicals that are known as PFSAs which is the key substances in making a jacket waterproof, a pizza box grease-proof and a frying pan less sticky


High School Students Discover Pulsar with Widest Orbit

About 10 percent of known pulsars are in binary systems; the vast majority of these are found orbiting ancient white dwarf companion stars

Space selfie

Deep Space Travel Can Cause Brain Damage; Threatens Mars Missions

Astronauts could incur brain damage when exposed to cosmic rays during travels to deep space, posing concerns on the upcoming manned Mars missions.

EM Drive

No Fuel Needed: NASA Successfully Tested EM Drive

Electromagnetic microwave cavities provide a way for directly converting electrical energy to thrust without relying on the need to expel any propellant.

Ivory Trade

Large Herbivores Face Extinction, Could Result to 'Empty Landscapes'

Large herbivores face the risk of extinction, a phenomenon that could create sad 'empty landscape' scenes across the world.

polar bear

Mass Species Extinction Expected Because of Climate Change

Climate change could lead 16 percent of the world's species to extinction.

Hydrothermal vents found underwater can trigger life.

Seafloor Thermal Vents May be the Source of Life on Earth

Organic molecules responsible for life on earth may have formed from hydrothermal vents on the seabed, scientists suggest in a new study conducted by the University College London.

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