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Meizu MX5

Meizu MX5: Chinese Smartphone Launches In India, Powerful Specs Revealed!

Meizu has finally launched its smartphone in India as per the plans revealed last week. Currently, Meizu is providing the phone through an exclusive partnership with Snapdeal,which is a popular online retailer in India. The phone is said to have powerful display, camera and connectivity.

Fat Gene

Fat Gene: Scientists Claim To Have Discovered New Cure!

A group of scientists are claiming that they have discovered how the faulty obesity gene works and could be on the verge of discovering the cure to the problem of obesity that currently affects more than five million people across the globe

Hhgregg will offer discounts for iPad Air 2 during its Black Friday Sale.

iPad Air 3: No News On New Release Date Indicating That Apple Has No Plans To Bring It Out This Year

Apple has decided to shift focus from iPad Air 3 in order to focus better on the iPad mini 4, on the basis of the revealation by manufacturing partner Foxconn

Google & Twitter Deal

Google, Twitter Deal: Google, Twitter Collaboration To Ensure Tweets Are Visible On Desktops!

In the latest development to Google and Twitter's partnership, Google has updated its desktop search engine to reflect tweets. Twitter is expected to gain from this deal as it will get to amplify its reach to non-twitter users.

‘Winds Of Winter’ Release Date: Author Will Follow The Creative Process Even If TV Series Ends Before

‘Winds Of Winter’ Release Date: Author Will Follow The Creative Process Even If TV Series Ends Before

George R R Martin has said that he is no longer worried about the next edition of "A Song Of Ice & Fire" called "Winds of Winter" releasing after the TV series titled "Game Of Thrones" (inspired from the books) ends. He has assured fans that he will not compromise on the creative process and continue work at its pace without hurrying to release the book before time

‘Pokemon Z’ Release Date: New Trailer By Developers Shows Two New Pokemons That Could Be Seen In Pokemon Z

‘Pokemon Z’ Release Date: New Trailer Features Two New Pokemons In 'Pokemon Z'!

A new trailer released by the makers of the "Pokemon" Movie series, gives a sneak peak into the "Mega Evolution 4" and what could be the characters that gamers can expect in the "Pekemon Z" games

Apple Titan

Apple’s Stealth Project 'Titan' Might Feature A Futuristic Head-up Display

Rumours indicate that Apple is currently working on a new head-up display that is inspired from the working of jet pilots. The project is being called "Titan"and work on it is said to be underway at a top secret location near the company's California headquarters

‘Resident Evil 6’

‘Resident Evil 6’: ‘The Final Chapter’ Could Be The End Of It All, Rumors Indicate!

"Resident Evil 6", could well be the final instalment of the extremely popular movie series that has been entertaining audience for many years now. Ali Larter, the actress who portrays Claire Redfield has said that with the 6th part, the makers are planning to wrap it up all!

Rumors are brewing over several Internet forums claiming that Sony is prepping up to release an upgraded and highly powerful version of the PlayStation 4 console.

PlayStation 5 Update: Sony Working Hard To Introduce PlayStation 5! [RUMORS]

Japanese gaming console maker, Sony, has already started work on the next model of the PlayStation. The company plans to replace PS4 with PlayStation 5 citing reasons that the existing console is not capable to meet the futuristic demands of the gaming community. PS 5 will also allow Sony to include more functions and features in its video game offerings as compared to the PS4


LG G4: To Skip Android Lollipop Update, To Jump Marshmallow Version Directly! [RUMORS]

Owners of LG G4 handsets have reason to rejoice as rumours indicate that the device is most likely to skip updating to Android Lollipop and instead shift to the Marshmallow version directly

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820: New Chip Aims To Offer Users 'DSLR-like' Image Clicking Abilities!

Qualcomm is working on a new processor called Snapdragon 820, which is expected to provide DSLR-like image clicking abilities on mobile phones.

Mac Book Air

MacBook Air 2016 Release Delayed: Apple Wants To Focus On iPad Pro!

The release of the much awaited MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air has been pushed to the first quarter of 2016, as Apple wants to focus on all its agreement on the new iPad Pro.

No Man's Sky

‘No Man’s Sky’: No Official Launch Announcement Yet But Pre-Order is Already Open!

Even though the developers have not been able to confirm an official launch date for "No Man's Sky," the game is now available for pre-order on Amazon UK for the PC and for the PlayStation consoles.


Ashley Madison Hack: Federal Employees Also Participated In Search Of Extra Marital Affairs!

When the cheating website Ashley Madison was hacked, the reports about users accounts revealed that several federal employees in America, as well as members of the Obama administration, paid for a membership.


Google Data Loss: Company’s Data Centre In Europe Loses Precious Data To Bad Weather!

Early this week, search engine giant was in an embarrassing situation when one of its data centres in Belgium lost all the users data just because the local grid suffered the wrath of Mother Nature when it was struck by lightning four times in a row.

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