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Facebook Solar Powered Drone Set For Remote Internet Access Testing

Continuing its pursuit of innovation, social media networking website, Facebook is all set to launch its unique drone powered by the sun's energy which will allow it to provide internet access to remote parts of the globe. The drone has the wingspan of a regular Boeing 737.

Google plus

Google+ Ending: Google Plus Could Be Nearing To An End

After its famed launch, Google+ has failed to live up to the expectations set by its makers as failed to differentiate itself from the crowd. However, the platform can't be written off so soon as it still has several new tools that are extremely useful and can transform its fate

Windows 10

Windows 10 Update: Microsoft’s New OS Better Than Apple’s Upcoming Operating System!

In its latest findings based on the social media metrics, Adobe has said that Microsoft’s Windows 10 has received more positive vibes across social media platforms giving it a higher score than Apple’s upcoming operating system. Could this mean, people are already beginning to love Windows 10 and Apple has tough competition?

OnePlus 2 Mini

OnePlus 2 Launch: A One Of Its Kind With Virtual Reality Integration

Just last month, the Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus hit headlines when they announced the launch of OnePlus 2, in a first of its kind virtual reality launch.

Google Patent War

Google Announcement: Search Engine Giant Is Giving Away Patents

In line with Google's vision of promoting innovation within and outside the company, the technology firm had initiated the Google Patents program where it is offering students and entrepreneurs alike to seek recognition for their work by minimizing the complexity of registering for patents.

Nintendo Plans To Build Sleep Monitor

Quality Of Life Program Update: Nintendo Announces Plans To Build Sleep Monitor

As part of its Quality of Life initiative announced in 2014, Nintendo had announced plans to build a sleep monitor.


Flickr Pro Account: Flickr App Reintroduces Pro Membership After Two Years

Flickr, the popular photo sharing option, has reintroduced the Pro membership with features like advanced statistics and a lot more, in order to entice the new user


Tony Fadell Nest: Tech Guru Set To Clash With Former Associate Over Upcoming Technology Models

Tony Fadell, often recalled as the father of the iPod, became a part of the search engine giant Google when the latter acquired his start-up Nest in a multi-billion dollar deal.


Carjacking Episode: Fiat Has Issued A New Patch That Claims To Address The Problem

Recently, two security experts created havoc in the automobile sector when they showed the world a unique software that was able to control the car against the command of the driver.

Elder Scroll 6

The 'Elder Scrolls 6' Release Date: Game Developer Bethesda Expects To Bring It Out By 2016

Touted as the biggest role playing game by Bethesda, the "Elder Scrolls 6" is expected to hit markets by next year.

Twitch Ditches Flash

Flash Update: Twitch Ditching Flash; Shifting To HTML5

Just last week, several technology companies including Google, Facebook and others had openly voiced their opinions against the use of Flash. The unanimous decision was that Flash is old and outdated, therefore deserves to go. But, Flash, team continued to release updates, assurances and patches to fix the problem


New Technology Will Enable Hackers To Take Control Of Users Car While Driving!

In a shocking development, a special type of technology will give hackers access to users car and control it. This will empower them to hijack the systems and execute their commands against the will of the users

Google Maps

Google Maps: New Update Exclusively For Android Phones Called 'Your Timeline'

In a bid to lure its users with a better accessibility experience, Google has introduced a new feature called Your Timeline that will allow users to re-trace old data. This includes access to past location data, correlated with other types of information


Google Confirms Addition Of Pixate, New Mobile-App Development Platform

With the addition of Pixate, the new mobile app development platform, users will be able to create visual prototypes using their Google account. This option is extremely useful for developers who are using the Google platform to develop their applications.


Android Leaks: Android's Personal Assistant Application Accidentally Revealed!

Android version of the personal assistant application driven on voice control was accidentally leaked. The new application was supposed to hit markets on July 29, when Microsoft Windows 10 comes out.

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