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Galaxy Note 5 Leaks

Galaxy Note 5 Leaks: Leaked Images Ahead Launching Date; Upcoming Device Ditched Plastic Design, Lacks MicroSD Slot, More! [PHOTOS]

Photos of the Galaxy Note 5 have surfaced giving us a look at the phone, which also confirms some bad news regarding Galaxy Note 5's features.

OnePlus 3 rumours

OnePlus 3 Specs, Features, Leaks: OnePlus 2 Lacking Killer Specs; OnePlus 3 to be Released in December? [RUMORS]

It seems that the new OnePlus 2 is lacking certain features and so talks about the next OnePlus 3 model are already in progress.

iOS 8.4 Version Now Available On Mac

iOS 8.4 Jailbreak: New iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Now Available On Mac

Mac users have reason to rejoice as the jailbreak gods have showered their expertise on the Apple community by introducing the jailbreak version for iOS 8.4.

YouTube accuses Facebook

YouTube Accuses Facebook Of Intellectual Property Right Theft; Could It Be True?

Though YouTube is still not clear about how it wants to be connected with Facebook, the creators of the video sharing portal have made it clear that they want to stop Facebook users from uploading their videos without permission.

Apple Infected By Malware

Apple Infected By Malware: Researchers Have Created Worms That Can Breach The Security of MAC OS

Just like Windows operating system, even Apple systems are prone to malware attacks. A group of researchers have exposed a vulnerability in MAC systems that will make it susceptible to hacks.

Microsoft Acquires Incent Games

Microsoft Acquisition: Tech Giant Acquires Incent Games In A Bid To Improve Performance!

Looks like Microsoft's acquisition spree is far from over as the technology firm acquired a sales contest platform Incent Games, recently.

Microsoft Lumia Leaks

Microsoft Lumia Update: Leaked Images Show Microsoft Is Most Likely To Skip 940 Family to Introduce 950 [PHOTOS]

After acquiring Nokia's smartphone segment, Microsoft has successfully generated sufficient curiosity to keep its fans guessing about the next step. However, a recent leak of images gives users into what could be Microsoft's next smartphone

Google may take over twitter

Google Could Take Over Twitter Anyday; Why Has It Avoided The Decision So Far?

In spite of Google+ famed launch, the portal failed to live up to customer expectations and is most likely nearing its end. Given the situation, rumors are rife that Google will take over Twitter and pursue its mission once again. But, will this happen?


Samsung Loss: Samsung Electronics Could Be Nearing The End Of Days!

For almost four years, Samsung was ruling the roost with its range of Galaxy smartphones and the company made millions. However, now it seems the company's glamour days are nearing an end as the company has been forced to accept smaller margins and slash rates of their mobile phones

HTML Privacy Concerns

HTML Privacy Concerns: Research Reveals HTML5 Tool Used To Detect Battery Life Catches Behavior!

The HTML5 feature used to detect the battery life on a visitor's device can actually interpret several other details about the battery that leaves a digital print of the device.

Harvard University Builds Robot Insect That Walks On Water

Harvard University Experts Build Insect That Walks On Water!

Harvard Scientists, in association with Seoul University (North Korea), have developed a unique robotic insect that can walk on water.

Apple and BMW

Apple, BMW Partnership: Hinting An Upgrade In Automobile Technology?

Recent reports indicate that the two giants Apple and BMW could be considering a new project together; however, neither of the two are confirming any details.


Pinterest Shares Workplace Statistics On Blog; Shows Lack Of Feminine Strength In Employee Diversity

Pinterest made a public announcement disclosing its workforce diversity figures and also accepted that there is a lack of racial diversity.

Windows 10 Fake OS

Windows 10 Fake OS: Bogus Emails Doing Rounds Likely To Dupe Customers

Microsoft has issued a warning against a group that is circulating fake updates of Windows 10 inviting people via email and luring them to click

Google Right To Be Forgotten

Google Right To Be Forgotten: Search Engine Giant Refuses To Stick To French Order

With internet making records virtually, the Right To Be Forgotten is an endeavor through which the company will accept requests to delete information regarding individual or organization; however, Google has recently refused to accept the French order to apply this right globally.

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