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Google Wi-Fi Router: Search Engine Giant Working To Make Its Own Router

As part of its mission to provide end users with better connectivity, Google is working on its new wireless router called OnHub, which pre-orders have already started on Google's online portal and on few other stores.

Android Marshmallow

Android 6.0 Update: New Name Marshmallow; Old Security Problems Fixed?

Android 6.0, also known as Marshmallow, was announced in May and will be available starting fall 2015; however, rumors indicate that this new operating system has not been able to fix the old security problems that the Android users across the globe are complaining about.

‘Red Dead Redemption’

‘Red Dead Redemption’: Makers Announced New Game Featuring Multiplayer Gang Mode Inspired By Reality!

Critically acclaimed action video game "Red Dead Redemption" is all set to come out with a sequel, as indicated according to rumors.

Google Tool: Search Engine Giant Launches New Tool To Calculate Costs Of Solar Panels

Google Tool: Search Engine Giant Launches New Tool To Calculate Costs Of Solar Panels

Looks Like Google is keen to take its love for energy conservation to the next level as the company announced its latest tool that will help users calculate the costs and benefits of solar panels.

Facebook Notes

Facebook Notes: The Once Coveted Feature Is All Set To Bounce Back With A Vengence!

Once discarded as a vestige of the social media portal, the Notebook feature is now making a comeback on Facebook in a revamped design in order to help Facebook earn more loyalty amongst competitors.

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10: Users Complaint Compulsory Update Is Giving Them Hefty Data Bills!

Microsoft's latest offering Windows 10 is already under the cloud of controversy as users across the globe are complaining about the compulsory updates consuming their data plans.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Update: Company Testing New Set-up To Enhance Private Browsing!

Mozilla claims to be working hard to address the concerns of the users in search of better browsing options, as the company plans to introduce enhanced versions of private browsing.

World of Warcraft

‘World Of Warcraft’ Update: Makers Hint At The Possibility Of A Sequel; Will It Happen Anytime Soon?

Game developer Blizzard has finally broken the silence on the repeated questions about the possibility of introducing a sequel to the hugely popular game “World of Warcraft”.

Angry Birds 2

'Angry Birds 2': New Game, New Features; Why The Name Is Still Inspired By The Predecessor?

The long awaited "Angry Birds 2" app was released at the end of July, 2015. The eighth sequel to the pull and fling formula was preceded by "Seasons", "Rio", "Space", "Friends", "Slingshot Stella" and the two Star War games, that sprang up shortly after the original game.


Asus Zenfone 2: Leaked Images On Flipkart Hint At The Possibility Of A New Model!

The company has launched several headsets under the brand name of Asus Zenfone 2 with an updated version coming out every six months, on an average basis; however, a completely new model of the phone appeared on an Indian retailers website raising speculations that the makers may have introduced a new version yet again.

Super Smash Bros

'Super Smash Bros': Nintendo Reveals New Version; Amiibo Characters Expected Next Month!

Starting next month, "Super Smash Bros" fans can expect new twists and turns in the game. Nintendo has announced that it will be introducing new Amiibo characters as a tribute to the fans of the retro game.

Microsoft’s Surface Hub Collaboration

Microsoft Surface Hub Update: Microsoft’s Surface Hub Collaboration Tool Held Up Until 2016!

Microsoft's smart screen enterprise Surface Hub Collaboration tool has been held back and will start rolling out in January 2016.

Elder Scrolls 6

‘Elder Scrolls 6’: Bethesda Tells Gamers Not To Expect New Game Anytime Soon!

"Elder Scrolls 6," the new game by Bethesda, is not expected to reach gamers anytime soon. The developers have confirmed that they are currently busy with the "Fallout 4" and updating the online version of "Elder Scrolls 6."

Google Will Spin Out Niantic Labs

Google News: Search Engine Giant Has Confirmed That It Will Spin Out Niantic Labs

Looks like Google is pursuing its ambition of restructuring its business as the company has officially decided to spin out Niantic Labs, its game maker division. However, situation indicates that Google is going to come up with more of such restructuring and this is just the start.

The Last Of Us

'The Last Of Us' Release Date: New Version Expected to be Released Soon!

North Nolan, the actor who is lending his voice to one of the characters in "Unchartered" confirmed that a new version of the "The Last Of Us" game was indeed in the pipeline

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