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Apple Smartwatch

Apple Watch Update: Technology Company Has No Choice But To Wait and Watch

The Apple Smartwatch launch was hyped raising hopes of the customers; however, looks like the product is now facing a lack of activity as app developers simply sit back and watching if the smartwatch is really worth working on.

Beme App

New Mobile App Out Now, No Viewing Or Editing Before Sharing Raw Videos

The new mobile app introduced by American filmmaker is based on social media and is called Beme. With this new app, users will be able to upload a video clip almost instantly. Though the new app prohibits the editing or even reviewing of the video before the upload happens


Microsoft Acquisition: Company Has Confirmed Buying Israeli-based Adallom

Looks like Microsoft is on an acquisition spree ever since the present CEO Satya Nadella took charge. After the Nokia buy out, the company is all set to spread its wings and is acquiring Israeli based startup dealing with cyber security applications. Microsoft will reportedly shell out 320 million dollars to seal the deal


Microsoft Windows 10: Users To Enjoy Free Streaming Of Xbox One Video Games

In what could be a welcome news for gamers across the globe, all Xbox owners choosing to upgrade to Windows 10 in their smartphones and tablets will get to enjoy live streaming of games. This facility will be available to users free of charge. Users simply have to alter the settings on their device to allow streaming of games


Microsoft Windows 10: Home Users Will Get Update Without Prior Notification

As the world begins the countdown to the much awaited launch of the Windows 10 operating system, the recent update from the makers points out that users who accept Windows 10 and agree to the license conditions will sign up for a clause. This will make them eligible to receive updates without any prior notification


Facebook’s Oculus Continues Acquisition Mode, Buys Hand Tracking Start-up Pebbles

Ever since Facebook acquired virtual reality headset maker Oculus, the company seems to be taking more brands under its umbrella. Recently, Facebook owned Oculus acquired Israel based startup Pebbles. The company specialises in hand tracking.


Facebook Features: New Facility Will Make It Possible For Users To Shop From Their Social Media Profiles

Facebook being used for connecting with the world or as a marketing medium is common. However, with the on-going development, Facebook members will be able to buy a lot of things online and that too very easily. The new feature will allow users to buy directly from the Facebook business pages

Android M

Android M Features: New Operating System To Include A More Native Voicemail

Android M, the latest update to the Google's operating system is rumoured to include a more Native Voicemail feature that is sure to provide an enhanced user experience. Expected to hit markets this year in fall, the new system will have voicemail support for its dialer


Logitech Accessories: Logi Brand Announces First Batch Of Accessories

After the glamorous announcement of the Logi brand, the company is now ready to launch its first batch of accessories. These accessories consist of drop-proof, durable cases for iPad Air and iPad mini, with the ability to withstand a drop from a maximum of six feet.


Intel Processor Chipset: Technology Company Confirms Delay Of 10nm Processor

Citing manufacturing challenges, Intel has decided to push back the work on its 10nm processor chip to early 2017, and will now focus on the 14nm chip for the development of its processor.


Google Data Leak: Accidental Leak Shows The Company Is More Transparent Than It Had Decide

Search engine giant Google has accidentally leaked its data related to the controversial Right To Be Forgotten when the data slipped off from the security code in its transparency report.


Google Flash To HTML 5 Transition Seems Eminent; Mozilla Also Joins Suite

On Tuesday, the technology companies across Silicon Valley seemed to have launched a joint protest against Adobe Flash as Google decided to turn off its Flash support.


Microsoft Windows XP Security Update: Operating System Will No Longer Provide Anti-Malware Signatures

As the system becomes outdated, Microsoft is no longer able to provide anti-malware signatures, urging users to update to a more feasible option that supports the security updates. XP was launched in 2001 and is a favourite amongst consumers and business owners as well


Google Photos App Will Take Backup Even When You Remove It From Your System!

What could be a major cause of concern for customers as it turns out to be a breach of privacy, is a fact that Google Photos, the recently launched app will continue to upload pics unless manually disabled from doing so

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Update: Apple Announced Apple Pay Grand Launch In The U.K.

Apple Pay, the technology company's famed mobile payment service that will authorize contactless payment across more than 200 thousand locations has finally arrived in the United Kingdom

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